Meet smart, innovative people like Kanaway Yusingco looking to grow their business at the MCMS Congress.

Kanaway Yusingco, Uniquely Wired, London, works in the blockchain space and was an expert speaker on the subject at the 2018 MCMS Congress in Seville.

Prof. Mark D. Cole recommends the MCMS for everyone interested in the newest opportunities for the homeshopping industry.

Professor Mark D. Cole, expert speaker at the 2018 MCMS, shared the latest legal developments affecting the homeshopping industry, both broadcast and o

Alexander Chacon says the conference is an amazing opportunity to tap into ERA Europe's worldwide network.

Alexander Chacon, Chairman, European Home Shopping (EHS) talks about ERA Europe's worldwide network which he calls 'invaluable' for manufacturers, prod

Some new technologies are shaking up the industry. Ben Keen profited from hearing different perspectives on how to implement them.

Ben Keen talks about the 2018 MCMS Congress where he says he appreciated the diverse range of speakers and many different perspectives about how some o

Looking for inspiration to deal with the new challenges of the global digital retail world? Join Dieter at the MCMS Congress

Dieter Brockmeyer, the MCMS Congress Chair and the man behind the organisation of the annual Multi-Channel Money Streams (MCMS) Congress, talks...