Conference 2015 Multi Channel Money Streams
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Multi Channel Money Streams took place on the Monday Conference day.


Multi Channel Money Streams

The Electronic Retailing Association is the only organization exclusively representing the interests of all Television-, Radio-, Internet – Electronic Retailers and associated services in the European Markets. ERA EUROPE is a not-for-profit organization, which was incorporated in Brussels, Belgium, in August 2004. As representing the interest of the European Teleshopping Industry in Europe it has been a good tradition throughout the past conferences to invite stakeholders from European and national institutions and regulatory bodies to discuss the ongoing issues with representatives from the European but also transatlantic and Asian Teleshopping industry.

Past speakers at the conference include - Abbomonte Guiseppe, Eu Commission, Ross Biggam, ACT, Dr.  Brautmeier Jürgen, EPRA/ LFM, Bridgemena Steve, QVC, Capello Maja AGCOM, Czech Susanne, EMOTA, Forax Christophe, EU Commissions, Gray Oliver, EASA, Dr. Grinschgl Alfred, RTR, Heintschel von Heinegg Katja, ZAW, Dr. Hilbers Konrad, HSE24, Hyung Dong Min, Hyundai Group, Kuneva Meglena, EU Commissioner, Richards Megan, EU Comission, Dr. Schmid Tobias, RTL-Group/VPRT, Trettenbrein Harald, EU Comission.

At the 2015 conference we had a new format for the regulatory panels. We were delighted that the international journalist and business consultant Dieter Brockmeyer was our moderator. Dieter had a focus on the Audio Visual (AV) industry and he is founder organizer of the EUROREG conference, a European panel for TV regulatory bodies.

Dieter brought his professional expertise and led the Monday speaker conference, “MCMS”, where the attendees of the Electronic HomeShopping Conference had unrestricted access. We hosted a gathering of High Level speakers from European Bodies as well as stakeholders from Media and Retail Industry.

These panels were of interest to everyone who wanted to get both an overview and wide perspective on trends for new business models, as well as for those who needed to connect to new media and business developments with regulatory and legislator requirements.