Conference 2015 Monday Session
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Monday Session

Agenda: "Challenges of Digital & Convergent Multiscreen Business Worlds"

Conference Chair: Dieter Brockmeyer

Hotel Rey Juan Carlos, Av. Diagonal 661 – 671, 08028 Barcelona, Monday, June 22nd

  • 09:00 Doors open, registration (access to breakfast buffet)
  • 10:00 Chairman’s welcome (together with Mike Wells, ERA Europe)

10:10 Counterfeit, Piracy, Counterstrike

Abstract: Piracy is an issue for media providers and retailers as well in both digital environments and “the real world”. How to tackle this problem?

  • 10:10 Introduction: One Problem for all Platforms, Ben Keen (IHS Technology
  • 10:20 Panel I: Tina Osojnik (Studio Moderna) vs. Ronald Brohm (REACT)
  • 10:50 Panel II: Ross Biggam (ACT) & Christoph Wagner (Morrison Forster
  • 11:20 Coffee Break

11:40 Convergence’s Winning Side

Abstract: New entrants like Google and new platforms are doing better than others in convergent global environments. What bridges are already built?

  • 11:40 Introduction: Best Practice at Work (Ben Keen, IHS)
  • 11:50 Panel I: Mihai Crasneau (GreyJuice Lab) & Michael Börnicke (Kiveda)
  • 12:20 Panel II: M.Carmen Fernández Tallon (TotalChannel) vs. Cosmin Ene (Laterpay)
  • 12:45 Live Junction to rAsia conference in Moscow. Abstract: New technology meet new business models. What can we learn from each other?
  • 13:00 Lunch Break (access to ERA lunch buffet)

14:00 Models for Integrated Business, Hosted by Ina Bauer, ATV

Abstract: Traditional media players need to exploit new revenue streams for their traditional fields and across convergent platforms. What are the models?

  • 14:00 Introduction: Pathfinders into a new Business World (Ben Keen, IHS)
  • 14:10 Panel I: Christoph Mühleib (SES), Richard Kastelein (Agora)
  • 14:40 Panel II: Mathias Pfeffer, Burda/Focus TV, Jide Sobo, mec interaction & Mattias Hjelmstedt (Magine)
  • 15:30 Coffee Break

15:50 eur§reg special @ mcms: Challenging the Regulator, hosted by Dieter Brockmeyer

  • 15:50 Dialogue: EU road towards Level Playing Field and the limits of self/co-regulation) Jean François Furnémont (Wagner Hatfield), Krisztina Stump (EU dg_connect)
  • 16:10 Regulator meets New Business Needs. Abstract: Big Data, Self Regulation, Competition, Intellectual Property/Piracy. What kind of regulation is “required” for convergent businesses? Teleshopper: Julian Oberndoerfer, ERA Europe, Lawyer: Christoph Wagner (Morrison Forster) Publisher: Matthias Pfeffer (Burda), Traditional TV: Ross Biggam (ACT), “New” TV: Matthias Hejlmstedt (Magine), EU: Krisztina Stump (EU), Regional Agency: Krzysztof Zaleweski (KRRiT)
  • 17:10 In Conclusion: Richard Kastelein (Agora Innovative Media)
  • 17:30 End (Get Together)

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