EMMA Nominations 2019

Quick overview

The EMMAs (ERA Europe Multi-Channel Multi-Screen Awards) honour the best in the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry! We celebrate networks, suppliers and individuals for their ingenuity and creativity and reward their outstanding achievements in the Home Shopping Industry. The winners of the 2019 EMMAs will be presented at the award ceremony during the 2019 Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference in Budapest.

Who is qualified to receive an award?

Only ERA Europe members are eligible to be nominated for an EMMA award.

Who can propose a nominee?

In order to find our industry’s best achievements, nominations can be accepted from all companies and individuals, including non-members.

2019 EMMA award categories

  • Best Short Form (Original Content) (m)
  • Best Long Form (Original Content) (m)
  • Best Live Show (m)
  • Social Media award (m)
  • Best Presenter (p)
  • Best Innovation (m)
  • Best Supplier (m)
  • Best Distributor (m)
  • CSR (corporate social responsibility) (b)
  • Business Personality of the Year (b)

Closing date for nominations

Nominations are now closed.

How were the winners selected?

Most of the categories were voted for by the member companies (marked above as 'm'). In each category a member company could cast one vote only. The simple majority decided.

The Best Presenter was chosen by the People´s Vote (marked as 'p'). This meant that every employee of a member company could cast their vote electronically on our website.

If the board finds a CSR project or an outstanding personality in the industry who deserves to be awarded, these categories will be awarded at the board´s discretion (marked as 'b').

Voting process

All nominations received were posted on our website, these are accessible to all ERA member companies. Voting ended on the 31st of May 2019. After voting was finalised, we contacted the winners, so that we could all prepare everything for the gala award evening.

Gala Evening

The EMMA awards were hosted on the second evening of the 2019 Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference. After the actual Gala ceremony, we hosted a fabulous after show event in one the trendiest party locations in Budapest, the EXTRA Club.

EMMA Tickets

The EMMAs are an evening of celebration with dinner and drinks, fun and entertainment, and attendees benefitted from great networking opportunities with all our industry players. The EMMA ticket was included in our regular 3-day conference attendee tickets. For information on tickets to the EMMAs, please visit our registration page below: