2019 Conference Sponsors

2019 Conference Sponsors

The sponsors for the 2019 Budapest Conference.

Main Sponsor: INDUSTEX S.L.

Established in 1991 INDUSTEX S.L. develops, markets and distributes innovative and exclusive mass appeal ‘As Seen On TV’ consumer products with effective TV presentations worldwide through multiple channels of distribution.

Based in Barcelona (Spain), INDUSTEX is a major player in global marketing and distribution, with an extensive network of distributors in over 80 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa, 100% owned operations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Scandinavia, Japan, USA, Germany, Switzerland and Australia and joint ventures in, among others, France, Greece and Latin America.

Being a leading marketing organization, INDUSTEX employs its strong experience in concept and creative development, product sourcing and manufacturing, video production, and worldwide placement of products to fulfil the most demanding customer expectations.

INDUSTEX's products are bestsellers in their respective categories, such as Health and Beauty, Fitness, DIY and Household, marketed under well-known brands.

Gold Sponsor: Creative China Creations

Creative China Creations is a fully integrated product development company and mass manufacturer of a diverse range of innovative consumer products.

The company’s core values of Creativity, Collaboration and Customer Service has cultivated streamlined business practices for an ever-changing international marketplace.

Headquartered in Hong Kong and operating manufacturing facilities in Mainland China, has enabled CCC to become a vertically integrated supply chain partner for various multinational companies.

CCC’s services also include procurement and sourcing, intellectual property guidance, vendor selection, quality control and compliance.

Products developed and manufactured by CCC are sold in over 70 countries through various marketers, distributors and retail partners.

Gold Sponsor: JML

JML is an innovative consumer product brand based in London, UK. JML sources, develops and promotes the latest product inventions and timesaving innovations in cleaning, homeware, kitchen, DIY and health and beauty.

Over the last 30 years, JML has grown from a small family-run business into a household name and industry leader in video marketing using bespoke video promotion stands installed in retail locations worldwide. JML develops its own range of products and brands in-house, as well as distributing top-selling products from major international DRTV suppliers. JML produces demonstration films, infomercials and TV commercials for every product it develops.

In the UK and Ireland, JML supports a constant TV advertising schedule with concurrent in-store video promotions that underpin JML’s ‘screen-to-screen’ marketing strategy. JML also sells directly to customers via its own TV shopping channel, long-form infomercial advertising and eCommerce website. JML’s products are available in over 80 countries worldwide through its network of distributors.

Gold Sponsor: MediaShop

MediaShop is one of the pioneers in the industry and revolutionized the international teleshopping market by turning an old-fashioned teleshopping company into an internationally successful and prestigious omnichannel company. Strong-selling infomercials on TV, online and at the POS generate an enormously high level of awareness, whereby “moving image” remains at the center of promotional activities. According to MediaShop´s company motto “Always something new” the executive board’s primary focus is on the development and distribution of innovative products that make everyday life easier and solve common problems. The company’s products are represented in over 40 countries worldwide.

MediaShop's distribution channels:

  • Direct Response TV (DRTV)
  • E-commerce (Web & Social Media)
  • Wholesale
  • International Sales
  • Print Media
  • Direct Marketing
  • Own Shops

The corporate group operates in 11 countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium

  • 7 locations
  • 8 companies
  • About 350 employees

Silver Sponsor: DS Produkte

DS Produkte is a privately-owned company, based in Hamburg/Germany, with over 43 years of experience in developing, sourcing and marketing a wide range of products including kitchen/cooking, cleaning, fitness, health & beauty, household and seasonal items, - carrying over 4.000 different items in stock at any given time.

DS Produkte is the No. 1 supplier of live-shopping channels in Europe, reaching over 100 million households every month, and is also maintaining an exclusive agreement with one of the largest live-shopping channels in Germany. Additionally, DS supplies all major retailers in Germany as well as some of the largest all over Europe.

Silver Sponsor: TeleBrands

Telebrands is a leading direct television marketing company and the original creator of the “As Seen on TV” logo and category of trade. Telebrands distributes its products in over 120 countries each of the company’s products is designed to save consumers time and money by providing affordable, convenient solutions to everyday challenges.

Over these past three decades, Telebrands has given the world some of the most exciting As Seen on TV devices and gadgets.

Bronze Sponsor: Creative Concepts Manufacturing Ltd

Creative Concepts is a group that designs , patents , manufactures and distributes products that are innovative and functional, while delivering quality and reliability at an incredible competitive prices worldwide - catering DRTV , Mail order , Retail and online sales

Please contact us today for your OEM inquiries on ( OEM@CreativeConceptsMfg.net )

Bronze Sponsor: Surging Media Group

Leading Producer of Short Form and Long Form Infomercial Productions for International Product Manufacturers and Distributors.

Full Service Content Producers for Commercial, Branded Content, Direct Response TV, Digital Content, Commercials, Social media spots, Amazon product demonstration B-roll,TV production, Home shopping B-roll.

EMMA Award Aftershow Party Sponsoring

Tristar Products Inc.

Developing Today's Breakthroughs! Marketing Tomorrow's Name Brands! Tristar has an established distribution network with successful marketing campaigns in over 60 countries. Tristar knows what consumers want and how to market to them. We develop our products with international distribution top of mind and tailor our promotions to meet the needs of each global market. With our on-site production studio Tristar pioneers outstanding, innovative marketing campaigns.

Tristar’s strategic retail distribution network is based on years of providing award-winning brands to the retailers such as Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and drug chains amongst many! Direct Response advertising is a specialized form of promotion that Tristar Products has pioneered since the beginning and established long-term relationships with the networks, cable stations, and local broadcasters.

Genius GmbH

Who is Genius?

The Genius GmbH is a globally operating German company with headquarters in Limburg/Lahn, Germany.

Genius is the leading provider of original kitchen and household products in the German TV sector.

Beauty&Personal Care, DIY and Lifestyle products supplement the portfolio.

Opening reception sponsor

Shop Japan

Oak Lawn Marketing / Shop Japan is an omni-channel brand response company that offers products under the concept of "enriching lifestyles worldwide." We curate products from around the world, focusing on solving our customer’s lifestyle concerns. Our products and sales, lead the Japanese market.