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Media regulation in a multi-channel and multi-platform world

The ways in which people “consume” video media continues to change and evolve. New technologies are allowing people to access media on the same or a second, or even synchronized media device, via  streaming in a linear or non linear way. The way in which media content is regulated by the various authorities across Europe, would ideally keep abreast of these changes in media consumption and in this session we would to explore to what extent existing regulatory processes are still able to provide a  fair and level playing field in the specialist areas of e-commerce and teleshopping, given the divergent ways in which consumers are exposed to this type of media. To gain a wider perspective on these issues, from both inside and outside Europe, we are looking forward to hearing the views on the opinions on these issues from

  • Dr. Alfred Grinschgl, RTR Austria
  • Vishnu Mohan, CEO Havas Media Group Asia Pacific, “The Multi channel Reality in Asia”
  • Dr. Andreas Büchelhofer, Gallup Institute Vienna “Multi channel Future of Teleshopping”
  • Phillip Westermeyer, Managing Director Metrigo Hamburg, “data and multichannel for e-commerce“
  • Dr. Konrad Hilbers –Head of the Board  HSE24 Group
  • Eliot Segal, SVP Program Development, GR International, Santa Monica, United States
  • Ross Biggam Director general ACT (Association of Commercial Television in Europe)
Multi Channel Reality in Asia
Dr. Alfred Grinschgl, RTR Austria

How to create a trust mark with benefits for the whole industry!

Panel II will focus on self regulation. We would like to discuss what institutions and organizations can do to ensure that they  have a trust mark which is relevant to the consumer. 

ERA Europe has continuously worked for the past 10 years to implement and improve its own self regulatory procedure. What started as a mere b2b initiative has become, with the initial launch at the Berlin conference in 2012, a b2c program, where consumers can see their rights on the ERA Europe self regulation webpage It started in English and German language, but now Italian, French and Spanish versions are available Consumers are now able to send their complaints and comments directly to the independent Self Regulation Officer.

To gain a wider perspective on this initiative we are looking forward to hearing  opinions and comments on these issues from

  • EASA Director General Oliver Gray, European Advertising Standards Alliance – general benefits of SR – global perspective
  • ERA Europe  - Chairman Self Regulation Jean Camille Raymond, CEO Best of TV, France Specifics of the ERA procedure
  • EMOTA, Secretary General Susanne Czech,  European Multi Channel and online Trade Association – The European Trustmark-  The USP of the European Trustmark
  • Ken Daly, CEO JML Group, United Kingdom
EASA-ERA Advertising Self-Regulation
EMOTA's European Trust Mark Scheme
Self Regulation Program, ERA Europe

How to fight counterfeiting

Panel III will focus on counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is a very difficult issue. Where becomes a product a copy or imitation and when does this lead to an infringement of intellectual property or patents.

All around the globe lawyers and courts try to resolve this difficult gray area. Various jurisdictions in a truly global industry do not simplify the matter. Following the legal path to the extend is costly and time consuming.
In a world, where bestsellers turn quickly  and need to be marketed now – the question remains -  “how to protect my bestsellers now ?”.
To gain a wider perspective on this initiative we are looking forward to hearing  opinions and comments on these issues from

  • Venable  LLP,  Roger Colaizzi,  “Counterfeits and Anti-Counterfeiting Measures – the Basics”
  • Jon Congdon, Beachbody  “Examples from the business perspective of its company/ the ERA Counterfeit Initiative!”
  • Stephen Shackell, Amazon, “Brief Introduction”
  • Tina Osojnik, Studio Moderna, “IP and brand protection challenges online from in-house perspective”
Roger Colaizzi, Venable LLP
Tina Osojnik, Studio Moderna

Clearcast: Ad compliance in the UK

For many global companies the United Kingdom is the first market they enter, when they decide to come to Europe. Clearcast is the Institution in the UK, where teleshopping clips get clearance before they might be aired.

Teleshopping Clearance Manager Justyna Shala will give a brief introduction on the procedure, companies must be aware of.

Justyna Shala, ClearCast