Future of t-commerce in the light of the collapse of the ERA U.S.

Invitation to attend the special panel discussion at the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference.

Please join us in the conference hotel on Tuesday June 19th 2018 12:00 – 13:00 in Room Giralda

On Friday June 1st 2018 we heard the sad news that ERA U.S. has discontinued its service with immediate effect. Receiving this e-mail left the global community of the multi-channel home shopping world with many unanswered questions. We have even heard voices speaking of the end of an ERA, envisioning the END of our industry.

Reflecting on the facts, we have seen many changes over the past years due to digitalisation, especially new consumer patterns of media consumption. However, the consumer is still there, the products are still there and selling through emotions using a product clip to create an impulse, still works. We need only look at the 2017 European study or the strategic investment into our industry that has happened over the last 12 months and is still happening. In other words, the industry itself continues to be successful and to grow but it is essential that we review and restructure the organisational body of the industry. Maintaining the global network and supporting this development is the TOP priority of the European Industry body.

So this is not the end but one of the changes that we see in digital times and we are certain there will be an upcoming solution to maintain our global network. For this reason a special panel has been set up in response to the situation seeking to understand the dynamics, but the focus will be on structuring the future. What are the European and global needs? What needs to be improved and how do we organise ourselves to fulfil these needs through best practice?

We are optimistic and excited to receive guidance from our panel which will be made up of the following international industry leaders:

  • Alex Chacon, Chairman, European Home Shopping, Spain
  • Jonathan Gregory, MD, Oak Lawn Marketing International Inc., Japan
  • Andrew Malcher, Co-founder & Exec. Chairman, High Street TV (Group) Ltd., UK
  • Fernando Mercenari, CEO, Inova, Mexico
  • Dieter Schneider, CEO, MediaShop GmbH, Austria
  • Katy Williams, President, Ideal Living, US

The panel will be moderated by Ken Daly, CEO JML, UK.

This topic impacts all of us involved in the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry and we want to encourage everyone who is interested to attend and join the discussion. We highly value your input!

Please join us in the conference hotel on Tuesday June 19th 2018 12:00 – 13:00 in Room Giralda