Speed Business Dating Event for conference first time company attendees will be held on Tuesday 18th June 2019

Speed Business Dating Event 2019

Following the successful pilot in Seville in 2018, we will continue in 2019 with our Speed Business Dating Event on the first morning of the conference to support companies that are new to our industry or are attending our conference for the first time. The idea is that new companies can meet representatives from key industry players attending this event, such as HSE24, JML, MediaShop, Studio Moderna, Teleshopping, etc.)  to gain a first foothold and to make valuable contacts.

See also page 'Info for first time attendees'

Depending on the number of attending newcomers, each participating new company will have 6 - 10 meetings @ 10 min each which will be enough for a first exchange of business contacts and overview of what each party is doing.

2019 AGENDA to follow