First Time at the Conference?

Information for first time Conference attendees

The Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference 2019 will take place from the 18th - 20th June at the Corinthia Hotel, Budapest, Hungary. It is the only multi-channel and 'direct to consumer' business oriented trade fair and conference in Europe.

This conference is for multi-channel and 'direct-to-consumer' companies that sell to the many millions of consumers around the world who buy goods and services on TV, online, and on the move, via electronic media.

The Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry is growing

Home shopping revenues in Europe are forecast to grow by 34 percent from 4.8 Bn. Euros in 2016 to 6.4 Bn. Euros in 2022. If you want to be part of this growing global Industry, the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference is the place to be.

The Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference is the only European conference for the multi-channel home shopping industry and it is right on time to positively impact your Christmas business. We attract the global industry community, so if you are interested in making contacts and doing business in this field, this is the place to be.

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO, ERA Europe.

Excellent Networking Opportunities

Come and benefit from excellent networking opportunities, meet industry stakeholders, representatives from European authorities or just join the party and be swept away by the atmosphere in Seville and the special charm of this fascinating city. If you offer a unique product or service for this industry you need to meet the right persons to sell this business opportunity. The European Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference offers the perfect opportunity to make the first steps into this very successful global industry. Senior key employees as well as industry leaders from all major players are present. Since 2010, despite more than 500 different companies from more than 70 countries attending, the conference still retains its special flair and intimate atmosphere, so it is possible to quickly become a part of this global multi-channel family.

ERA Europe conferences are an incredible source of inspiration. Also, it is really a key opportunity to promote your company, meet your future partners and get relevant information about market trends to develop your business.

Isabelle Fournier, Deputy Managing Director, Groupe Ventadis/M6

Company Blind Speed Dating Session for First Time Attendees

Our blind speed dating session is a new initiative at this year's conference for companies in attendance for the first time and will take place on Tuesday 18th June. Have your 10 minutes with a representantive from key companies to make that first vital contact and ensure your conference is a success.

ERA is the only non-profit organisation which creates a conducive platform enabling Marketers from DRTV, Home shopping networks and Social Media to come together and launch new products and business worldwide (...) on all marketing avenues simultaneously!"
Poonam Khubani, CEO TeleBrands International


This show has a small exhibition for marketers and advertisers and key suppliers to the industry, such as call centres, warehousing & fulfilment companies, TV production companies, web design companies, legal firms, and of course companies and inventors with products looking for retail distribution into new territories. Some exhibition stands are on the show floor but some larger companies prefer to display their products behind the closed doors of pre-booked meeting rooms. Some people prefer to book a table in the Business Lounge to invite their customers to for meeting and use their laptops to demonstrate their products.

[The conference is] an opportunity to meet 60 to 70 companies at a time in a 72 hour period and that's great use of our time.

Bruno Mercenari, Co-President Inova, Mexico

Get your foot in the door

The D2C (Direct to Consumer) conference by ERA US held in Las in September 2018 is the biggest multi-channel home shopping conference worldwide with some thousand attendees. You use the more personal European conference to get the foot in the door of the industry, tease your product for the Christmas business and are then perfectly prepared for Step 2 which is to attend the D2C in Las Vegas with contacts already in your pocket.

For somebody who doesn't know much about our industry, if they want to learn the most powerful form of marketing there is, there is no better place to come than to ERA ... its almost a secret weapon and that's why they should come.

Katie Williams, President Direct Response Marketing, Ideal Living, U.S.

Look to the future and get up to speed with the latest business opportunities

On the second day of the conference, Wednesday 19th June 2019, there is a the high level MCMS Congress. The MCMS Congress 2019 will have a pioneering agenda which will take you on a journey through the emerging challenges affecting the future of the Multi-Channel Industry in the next 3, 5 or 10 years.

[The MCMS one-day congress is] overall a very useful, informative, networked, interesting day, the topics of which I think will prove to be relevant in the coming years. I recommend to all executives to join and participate in this annual congress.

Dr. Konrad Hilbers, Senior Advisor to Ardian Equity Partners (former CEO of HSE24)

Celebrate the outstanding achievements of our members with us at the EMMA Awards

2019 will be the 4th time the ERA Europe celebrates the EMMA Awards, (the ERA Europe Multi-Channel Multi-Screen Awards). Just enjoy the ceremony and celebration or use this perfect opportunity to deepen your established business relations.

About the EMMAs: The EMMA Awards provide a ceremony to honour the Home Shopping Industry’s most respected individuals. The event provides an exciting awards ceremony that honours networks, suppliers and individuals for their ingenuity and creativity and rewards outstanding achievement in the Home Shopping Industry. The highlight of the evening is the presentation of the Life Time Achievement Award to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Home Shopping Industry and has been instrumental in the growth of the industry.

The ERA conferences are a great platform for exchanging ideas and seeing new trends. The events are well organized and provide an intimate, yet productive setting where we see old friends and partners but also get to make new global connections.'

Daniela Todorovic, CEO, Bespoke Marketing inc

Top Tips

Tip #1 Register early to get on the List of Attendees as early as possible. It is important that other attendees know that you are attending so that they can make contact with you or ask to arrange a meeting.

Tip #2 There will be a special One-Day ticket for First Time attendees for only 300€ - if you are not sure if the ERA conference is useful for you, this allows you to get the flavour of the conference without investing in the full ticket price - for 300€ you can't go wrong! You can choose any day, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday!

Tip #3 If you plan to attend the whole conference, it is really worth investing the money in a business club table and chairs. You will need somewhere to sit, somewhere to hold your meetings somewhere to invite people to come to see your, somewhere to do your follow up mails. Not only does it feel more professional, but a business club space also gives you somewhere to use as a base throughout the conference. But don't wait too long to reserve your table as there are a limited number and sometimes sell out early.

Tip #4 If you have a product to present at the conference, it is highly recommended that you take an exhibition stand rather than a business club table. You need somewhere to display your product and attendees do not walk through the business lounge - they go there only for pre-arranged meetings. It may seem expensive to exhibit but it includes your attendance fee and it guarantees everyone sees your product. You can also run a video on your stand which really helps.

Tip #5 Do make appointments with people you want to meet BEFORE you come to the conference, especially if you are selling/offering a service. You need to prepare your schedule in 30 - 60 minute slots and contact people to get meetings with them and to get a fixed slot in their schedules. Do this even if you are an Exhibitor to ensure that your stand is always busy and that people make time to visit your stand. Busy stands attract attention!

Tip #6 If you are a buyer, people will contact you for an appointment as soon as they see your name on the attendee list. Be selective as you may find that there are more companies trying to see you than slots in your schedule. You may want to hold a couple of slots free for spontaneous meetings.

Tip #7 Use the lunch and coffee breaks to network. Do go up to people and introduce yourself, exchange business cards.

Tip #8 Speak English to everyone - this is the ERA language and everyone there can speak it. ERA is informal and uses first names - this is your chance to get to know people on a first name basis! (massive advantage!)

Tip #9 Check the Agenda of the MCMS Congress which is an all day 'congress within the conference' taking place on Wednesday 19th June 2019. If you hold a 3-day ticket, this also covers entry to the MCMS and you can go in and out without a problem if you only want to attend one session. It normally runs more or less on time. The panel discussions are always interesting and there are always interesting speakers.

Tip #10 Be sure to attend the Emma Awards on Wednesday evening. Its the heart of the social action and the perfect place to meet people, be photographed, consolidate connections. Don't miss this! Remember to pack something elegant to wear - its a glamourous event!

And finally: Have a great time! The ERA conference is one of the highlights of the year!