mcms at 2017 Conference, Venice
The MCMS 2017 will be held on Wednesday 21st June 2017 during the HomeShopping Conference in Venice

MCMS Agenda 2017

Multi-Channel Money Streams

21st June 2017 Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice.

09:00 Doors Open

09:30 Welcome: Chairman, ERA Europe and Dieter Brockmeyer, MCMS Congress Chair

09:45 Drivers of a new business reality and digital growth
Introduction: Guy Bisson (Ampere)

Sessions hosted by Maria Rua Aguete (IHS Markit, London)

10:15 Panel: Practical VR Implications – Richard Burrell (UK), Maurits Bruggink (EMOTA), Ben Smith (Laduma)

11:15 TeleShopping Outlook: – Paolo Iacono (HSE24, Italy)

11:25 Coffee

MCMS Update: (Sessions hosted by Andrea Michelozzi, Communicare Digitale)

11:40 Viewpoint: – Lara Comi, (European Parliament /IMCO, Brussels) [Video]

11:45 Blockchain, Data Protection and Consumers – Richard Kastelein (Blockchain Partners, Groningen), Pablo Alvarez (JML Group, London)

12:20 Panel: Fields of Growth – Juergen Sewczyk (Eutelsat), Emanuele Frontoni (Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona)

13:00  Lunch

14:00 eur§reg @mcms: (hosted by Dieter Brockmeyer)

14:00 MCMS Direct: Presentation Home Shopping Survey, Klaus Goldhammer (Goldmedia, Berlin)
More preliminary information on the study can be found on

14:30 Product Pirates and Self Regulation – can industry standards also protect intellectual property? - Sabine Christmann (SRO, ERA Europe), Roger A. Colaizzi (Venable LLP, Washington D.C.) Tina Osojnik (JTBD LTD, Slovenia)

15:00 EU Regulatory Update: Eve Salomon (Commvisions), Julian Oberndoerfer (ERA Europe), Ed Hall (Media Expert Partners, London)

15:30 Coffee

15:45 Viewpoint: Digitalisation – Marco Zullo (European Parliament/IMCO, Brussels)

Crises of the European Project, Brexit etc.

16:00 mcms / eur§reg Executive Panel: Crises of the European Project, Brexit etc. - Richard Burrell (London), Maurits Bruggink (EMOTA), Ross Biggam (Discovery), Emanuele Frontoni (Università Politecnica delle Marche), Ed Hall (Media Expert Partners, London).

16:45 In Conclusion: Dieter Brockmeyer, Christopher Peterka (The HUS Institute, Vaduz)

17:00 Closing words: Julian Oberndoerfer, Dieter Brockmeyer

17:15 End

MCMS 2017 Agenda May 22