Don't miss the Early Bird Tickets early 2021

Conference registration opens early 2021

Members enjoy preferential rates but also non-members are able to register as an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor. There are also 1-day attendee passes for those of you who don't have time to attend the whole conference.

The 2021 pricing list will be updated early 2021, when the registration opens. For reference, check out the 2020 price list below for all available options. If you have any further questions regarding the conference, venue, etc. please get in contact via our contact form here or send an email to the conference team.

Note: All prices are exclusive of VAT (Sales Tax)


There are an excellent range of sponsorship opportunities available for our 2021 conference in Amsterdam, to be hosted at the Hilton Hotel from the 15th - 17th June.

We will be delighted to discuss or clarify the various possibilities to help you to find a package that is right for you.

See our 2020 sponsorship opportunities page for more details.

Sponsorship Member Non Member
Main (incl. 5 free registrations) 8,000 € 11,000 €
Gold (incl. 4 free registrations) 6,000 € 8,500 €
Silver 1 (incl. 3 free registrations) 4,000 € 6,000 €
Silver 2 (incl. company clip projected on the show floor) 4,000 € 6,000 €
Silver 3 (incl. branded hotel key cards) 4,000 € 6,000 €
Silver 4 (incl. promotion pre and at EMMA Awards) 4,000 € 6,000 €
Bronze 1 (incl. 1 free registration) 2,500 € 3,000 €
Bronze 2 (incl. company clip projected on show floor) 2,500 € 3,000 €
Bronze 3 (incl. branded "do not disturb" signs) 2,500 € 3,000 €
Bronze 4 (incl. promotion pre and at opening reception) 2,500 € 3,000 €
Bronze 5 (incl. promotion pre and at EMMA Awards) 2,500 € 3,000 €

Download the 2020 Sponsorship booklet


Register as an Attendee

Over 70 different countries, nearly 500 different companies have attended the ERA Europe Conference. The sooner you register, the sooner we can start promoting your presence at the conference.

(includes entry to EMMA Awards)
Member Non Member
On-line On-Site On-line On-Site
Attendee ticket 699€ 850€ 1,299€ 1.580€
One Day Pass Member Non Member
On-line On-Site On-line On-Site
One Day Pass (Tue, Wed or Thu) 349€ 400€ 599€ 725€
FTA (First time attendee) One Day Pass* n/a n/a 300€ 365€

*The FTA pass is only for first time attendees where both company and attendee have not previously attended the ERA Europe conference.

EMMA Awards
EMMA Award ticket is included in full 3 day registration
Member Non Member
On-line On-Site On-line On-Site
EMMA Award Ticket Supplementary
plus-ones/day pass attendees
€99 €99 €99 €99
EMMA Award Premium
table for 10 persons, company branded entrance tickets, menu cards and name cards.
€990   €1,399  


Register as an Exhibitor


Exhibiting at the ERA Europe conference in Amsterdam is the best way to ensure no one can miss you at the event. With more than 500 high level attendees and the Expo hall forming the 'hub' of the conference you will be right in the heart of the action. You also get a great listing on the conference Website leading up to the event!

Register now! - one FREE full attendee registration is included.

For details of the plan, exhibition booth space, etc, please call the conference team on +49 8151 55 66 196 or contact the conference team via email:

Exhibitor Price Schedule

  Members Non Members
Standard 2.250€ 3.250€
Early-bird* 1.925€ 2.975€

*Early Bird available until 15th March


Document downloads

Download the 2020 Exhibitor booklet