Bruno Mercenari gives the 'Business Talk of The Month' January 2017

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Bruno Mercenari from INOVA, Mexico, talks about business opportunities in Mexico, the differences between the Mexican, U.S. and European consumer, the role of apps and social media in the future of the DR business and why he attends the ERA conference.

'[The ERA Conference is] an opportunity to meet 60 to 70 companies at a time in a 72 hour period and that's great use of our time.'

Bruno Mercenari, is Co-President of Inova, the largest DRTV company in Mexico. Inova was founded in the early 90's as a mail order catalogue company. Today, Inova has become the region's leader in Omni-channel marketing, Direct Response TV, Direct Retail Distribution, Ecommerce and Mail order. Bruno believes that creativity, entrepreneurship and honesty are the primary drivers for Inova and himself.

About the Electronic HomeShopping Conference

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