Amir Tukulj gives the 'Business Talk of The Month' December 2016

Amir Tukulj discusses how the web and mobile devices have changed consumer behaviour and highlights the challenges for the DR business and the need to adapt. Get his valuable perspective in “Business Talk of the Month” December.

The consumer is multi-tasking ... their attention span is shortened ... so my view is that the long-form format over the years will begin to lose it's significance ...

  • Amir Tukulj is the Chief Executive Officer of Thane Direct and has served as its President and Chief Operating Officer since November 1997. Headquartered in Toronto, Thane Direct is a global leader in the multi-channel direct marketing of consumer products in the fitness, health & beauty and housewares product categories. Thane Direct's distribution network spans the globe in well over 100 countries across the world's most prominent markets, as well as corporate subsidiaries, strategic partners and distributors. Prior to joining Thane International Inc., Mr. Tukulj served as the Director of International Sales for Interwood Marketing Group, a Canadian marketing company.
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