mcms at barcelona 2016
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The mcms will be held on Wednesday 15th June 2016 during the HomeShopping Conference

MCMS 2016 Agenda

June 15, Fairmont Hotel Rei Juan Carlos 1, Barcelona

9:00 Welcome: Isabelle Fournier (ERA Europe, Brussels) and Dieter Brockmeyer

9:15 FinTech meets Media:

Disruptive media monetisation and investment models: Innovation in payment tech is generating new revenues and establishing future-proof business models for media consumption and industries.

Introduction: Jack Kent, IHS Technology

9:30 Panel 1: Options and Limits

Richard Kastelein, Agora Innovative Media vs. Håkan Tranvik (Magine), Stockholme

10:00 Panel 2: Matching Expectations

Oliver Mochizuki (Fundsurfer), Bristol vs. Konrad Hilbers (HSE24), Munich

10.30 mcms direct:

The Needs for Personal Data Protection
Emerald de Leeuw (EuroComply) Cork, and Stephan Luiten (Liberty Global) Amsterdam

11:00 Coffee

11:15 Bridging the Worlds: Host: Ina Bauer (ATV) Vienna

Today’s world is hybrid one: Analogue business models need to be migrated into digital ones. Media and retail industries are on the forefront of this development. The challenge is to handle this process.

Introduction: Jack Kent

11:30 Panel 1: Transactional Interactivity

Dan Finch (Simplestream) London vs. Richard Burrell (QVC), London & Oisin Lunny (OpenMarket) London

12:00 Panel 2: One Screen

Spartacus Olsson (Mediakraft, Munich), vs. Oliver Babeau (University of Bordeaux)

12:30 mcms direct:

Growth Strategies: Russia and Eutelsat
Oleg Vorobyev (Shop & Show) Moskau, Christoph Limmer (Eutelsat) ParisBusiness

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 mcms Future Outlook:

What will our industries look like in the future? Two senior think-tank experts will try to illuminate…

Christoph Patrick Peterka (ganaca), Capetown, Alexander Shulgin (rAsia), Moscow

14:30 eur§reg @mcms:

European Commission Update: We take a look on the status of reforming the Audiovisual Media Service Directive. Moreover a senior expert panel discusses EU initiative to harmonies the relevant legal frameworks and the industries legal needs.

Kriszrina Stump (dg_connect) Brussels vs. Tobias Schmid (RTL Group) Luxembourg

15:00 Coffee

15:15 eur§reg Executive Panel

Krisztina Stump, MoFo Berlin, Tobias Schmid, Peter Matzneller (Die Medienanstalten) Berlin, Julian Oberndoerfer (ERA Europe) Brussels, Spartacus Olsson (Mediakraft)

16:15 Executive Summary: Konrad Hilbers (HSE24) Munich and Marie-laure Barrau (DRTV LAB)

16:45 Farewell

17:00 Ends