Conference 2015 Business Club / Meeting Space

Business Club / Meeting Space

Business Club Tables

The Business table arrangements comprise two armchairs, one sofa and a table. The setting can be black or white. The business club table is branded with your company logo and is reserved exclusively for your company through the entire trade show. 

The setting of the trade show ensures that the distance between your business meetings is as small as possible. We believe as well, that doing business in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. We believe that doing business in a pleasant form means also, that good food and drinks should always be available.    We therefore serve breakfast at the show and have lunch and coffee break during the day, to make sure that your brain will never suffer from hyperglycaemia. We always serve drinks and coffee to maintain the necessary caffeine level.

Meeting Spaces

It is another USP of the European Electronic HomeShopping Conference that it is the conference of “short distance” between your meetings.  We encourage therefore all attending companies to avoid to present their products in their suites and rather reserve one of the extra meeting spaces next to the show floor that we can provide. The Vienna 2014 electronic HomeShopping conference offered 5 meeting spaces for companies, who wanted to have more privacy during their business encounters. In 2014 we had reached our limits regarding available space. The Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I in Barcelona will give us in 2015 more space, more flexibility and opportunities to serve the needs of our attendees.

Showfloor layout