Inventors Pitch

Inventors Pitch

The Inventors Pitch will take place on Tuesday 20th June at the ERA Europe Venice conference

Inventors Pitch

HSE24 and ERA Europe call for new ideas and creative inventors – Apply now!

A call for product inventors to present their inventions at the Inventors Pitch on 20th June, 2017 at the €lectronic Home Shopping Conference.

Do you have a brilliant idea or a promising invention? Then apply now and present your creative projects to us!

We are specifically looking for products in the categories of Household, Kitchen, Sport & Beauty. The products ideally should be suitable to sell on TV as well as in an online-shop.

If you would like to take part, please fill out the following application form and submit your entry by May 19th

The HSE24 expert jury

Ken Locicero, Vice-President Strategic Merchandise Development, HSE24

Ken Locicero, Vice-President Strategic Merchandise Development, HSE24

"My fellow juror Monika Bauer, Vice-President Merchandising/Product Development at HSE24, and I are extremely pleased to be assisting with the first Inventors’ Pitch at this year’s €lectronic Home Shopping Conference. As a leading name in multi-channel home shopping, we particularly focus on products that make our customers’ lives easier or better. We are especially looking for innovations in the areas of household, kitchen and beauty that we can offer internationally across all our sales channels."

Monika Bauer, Vice-President Merchandising/Product Development, HSE24

Monika Bauer, Vice-President Merchandising/Product Development, HSE24

The inventors of the product ideas with the greatest potential for success at HSE24 will be invited to attend the ERA conference where they have the opportunity to “pitch” their ideas to the jury of HSE24 product experts. The successful applicants will be notified on 24th May and will be invited to attend the conference in Venice.

Please note:

The successful applicants who are selected by HSE24 and are invited to attend the conference in Venice, must pay their own travel expenses as well as the ticket to attend the event. The discounted ticket price of 99 Euros includes entry to the conference, the opportunity to present to the jury, an individual coaching session, as well as the chance to present their product idea to all conference participants on the afternoon of the day of the presentation.

Registration for the conference will take place by invitation on an individual basis and not via the general conference registration form.

Joan Barata, international expert in freedom of expression, media freedom and media regulation.

Joan Barata

Dr. Joan Barata is an international expert in freedom of expression, media freedom and media regulation. He provides regular assistance to different international organizations and entities, including the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Article 19, the European Broadcasting Union, the Organization of American States, UNESCO and USAID, and has worked in countries such as Thailand, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Albania, Hungary, Liberia, Egypt, Moldova, Russia, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador or the United States. Dr. Barata is an affiliate to the Center for Data and Communication Studies at Central European University in Budapest and Fellow at the Centre for Internet and Human Rights at European University Viadrina

Ina Bauer, Sales Director, Markiza Group

Ina Bauer

Ina Bauer, Sales Director of the Markiza Group, has been working for the leading TV network in the Slovak Republic since March of this year. She is responsible for the sales of TV and online advertising including product placement and sponsorship, the sales and development of online services, HbbTV, videotext and the video on demand platform Voyo. She is further in charge of e shop and merchandising activities as well as marketing partnerships. Prior to Markiza, Ina Bauer worked for 13 years for ATV, Austria’s leading commercial TV channel, in several management positions, most recently as Director of Sales, Marketing & New Media. Ina Bauer started her career as a journalist in California, where she lived for seven years. She has a master’s degree from the University of Vienna.